Fraud in diversion of postal mail

The postal mail of the obc bhandari engineer,domain investor, webmaster and Paypal account holder has been diverted to the well connected goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc slut bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar and others falsely claiming that these lazy greedy frauds are Paypal account holders, domain investors, owning this website also, when these frauds do not spend a single paisa on the domain name, as they think that cheating, exploiting the obc bhandari engineer, domain investor is their birthright .
In reality the local intelligence agency officials in goa are allegedly bribed by google, tata, and other companies to abuse their powers and make completely false claims so that these lazy greedy well connected fraud women can get great powers, a lucrative salary wasting tax payer money, while the real domain investor is being defamed viciously ,

These fraud women in Goa should not have been given the powers in the first place, because fraud brahmin officials are shameless and cannot be held accountable they are repeatedly wasting indian tax payer money for their personal gain, to get great powers, salary for their mediocre inexperienced lazy relatives and friends with fake resumes