Postman not aware of theft of postal mail

The postal department has an elaborate RTI system for redressal of the complaints of their customers and they are extremely sincere in handling the complaint. However it appears that the theft of the mail of the domain investor is taking place at a high level, the lower level postal staff in panaji, goa, especially the postman is not aware of how the pilferage is taking place and who is involved in it.
The local postman has sincerely indicated that he is delivering what mail will come to him for delivery. After the complaint was filed with the post office regarding missing mail, he made a special effort to ensure that the mail was properly delivered to the address.
However if the powerful fraud intelligence agency official has been stealing the mail before it reached the postman, what can the postman do? It is time that the indian intelligence agency officials in CBI, R&AW, NTRo and other agencies in Panaji, Goa publicly justify what national security matters are involved in stealing copies of India Today .