Despite using a courier, magazine copies are not delivered

It appears that delivery of magazines is a major problem in small towns like Panaji, though the magazine may hire the services of a courier company, The magazine will usually pay a premium to the courier company compared to postal services, yet the delivery record will be worse. For example a domain investor had subscribed to Femina for checking the ads for content and reference. Initially the courier service would at least leave an intimation for the domain investor so that she could collect the copy from the courier company office, if she was not at home.
After some time, the courier company did not even leave an intimation that they had tried to deliver the magazine. Fortunately the Times of India office was in close proximity, so the domain investor could collect the missing copies of Femina from the office. It was extremely inconvenient both for the domain investor and the Times of India staff (who are very helpful) to remove the copies of the magazine and give them to the subscriber personally.
So though people in small towns want to subscribe to magazines, the rampant delivery problems make it a waste of time and money to subscribe to any magazine