Postal mail diversion, theft rampant in Goa

Though magazines are offering a substantial discount to their subscribers, for people residing in Goa, especially domain investors in panaji, subscribing to any magazine has become a major problem due to diversion and theft of their postal mail allegedly by intelligence agency officials in CBI, R&AW, NTRO.
These corrupt powerful officials are diverting and stealing the copies of the magazines like India Today, Outlook falsely claiming that national security issues are involved when actually these lazy greedy young women are running an extortion racket abusing the great powers that they have fraudulently got with the support of large corporates in the indian It and internet sector.
While a person will not be able to find out if any other mail or letters have been diverted and stolen, for magazines it is relatively easy to trace that one or more issue of the magazine is missing as the frequency of the issues is defined. However those involved in the theft in goa are extremely shameless and brazen that they will never be caught or punished for their crime