Postal mail, magazines selectively stolen

It appears that the postal mail of a domain investor and paypal account holder is being selectively stolen in goa, with anything of value being diverted to an unidentified official. Now the domain investor realizes that contacting any person by post will be a waste of time, as their reply will never reach her, trade shows are a better way to see new products or get information.
Magazine issues which are popular are more likely to be stolen, for example in September 2015, the September 14, 2015 and September 28, 2015 issue of India today were not delivered to the postal address of the domain investor. It appears that popular issues of the magazine are being stolen. For example the 14 September 2015 issue of India today was covering the sheena bora murder case and indrani mukherjea was stolen by the fraud official.

The magazine subscriber has also become a member of a local library and so she realizes that almost 50% of the magazine issues are missing or stolen by the local official who remains hidden. She has complained repeatedly to India Today and though they are extremely helpful to their subscribers, a lot of time and energy is being wasted to followup and complain to India Today. Why India today keep sending issues because a fraud intelligence agency official is repeatedly stealing the issues being sent to the subscriber who is a domain investor.