Another India today issue missing

R&AW, ntro, cbi and/or other officials in panaji, goa are intercepting, diverting and stealing the correspondence of a harmless single woman engineer after making completely fake black money, security threat and money laundering allegations without any proof at all, for more than 5 years. It appears that they are making the false allegations only to steal the correspondence, especially the magazines to which the obc engineer has subscribed to, so that she faces losses and wastes time.
The latest stolen/missing issue of india today was dated November 16, 2015, though later issues dated November 30, 2015 were delivered. This has happened repeatedly for the last few years, and the dCan the R&AW, ntro, cbi officials openly explain what national security issue is involved in stealing india today copies repeatedly. If the agents of the intelligence agencies in panaji, goa are extremely dishonest, greedy and, will steal magazines and cannot be relied on, then these intelligence agency officials should not give these fraud agents great powers allowing them to intercept and keep correspondence of a harmless civilian.

In other parts of india also correspondence is monitored, however the intelligence agency officials are more honest and will usually ensure that the magazine subscriber will get the magazines they are paying their hard earned money for.