After two missing copies, 31 January 2016 copy of business today delivered

The main reason for documenting all the missing copies of magazines and periodicals in panaji, goa is that the officials reading the news of the postal service will then quickly ensure that the remaining copies of the magazine are delivered. For example soon after the news of the missing EFY was published online, the missing EFY copy was delivered. Today after the news of the missing Business Today was posted online. the officials stealing the magazine copies giving fake excuses of national security, immediately released and delivered the 31 January 2016 issue of Business Today.

However Business today in their confirmation letter had confirmed that the subscription would start with the issue dated January 3, 2016 and the issue dated 17 January 2016 also has not been delivered to the registered address, in a clear case that the magazine issues were not delivered to the postman for further delivery.

Whatever they can steal without being detected, the officials are doing, in a clear indication that surveillance is being misused to cheat the harmless civilian