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Business Today copy not delivered in Panaji, goa

The powerful corrupt intelligence and security agency officials are ruthless in harassing a harmless obc single woman engineer, who at least 8-9 mediocre lazy greedy fraud housewife, sex bribe giving R&AW/CBI employees are impersonating to get lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs. The shameless fraud greedy R&AW/CBI officials are stealing all her correspondence making it impossible to subscribe to any magazine.
The latest example of magazine copy theft was for Business Today, the obc domain investor and Paypal account holder had paid Rs 995 for a years subscription BT 16984* and was informed that it would commence with effect from the issue dated January 3, 2016 .
However till January 15, 2016, no copy of the Business Today magazine has been delivered till date at the address provided, in a clear case of postal pilferage. Any other Business Today subscriber in Goa who has received their copy, please contact

More postal delays in January 2016

After the postal delays in december 2015, there are most postal delays observed in January 2016. Till January 9, 2016, almost no monthly magazine has been delivered till date. Atleast 3 magazines were expected
Electronics for you
Consumer Voice
Business Today

Only the India Today, January 11 2016 issue was delivered (The Good News Issue). Complaining does not help, because as soon as the complaint will be registered, the missing magazine issue will be delivered.

Postman retired on December 31, 2015

The regular postman on the Campal, Panaji, route Mr Arjun retired on December 31, 2015. He was a very honest postman taking great care to ensure that postal mail was delivered to all the people on his route. When postal mail would be missing (due to a problem in the postal system) he would be questioned by the people on his mail delivery route as he was the face of the indian postal service, while those who may have created the problem would remain hidden.
Like most of the older postmen, he would would travel on a cycle to deliver the postal mail and knew most of the people residing in the area by face. The new postman in the area travels on a scooter, indicating the generational shift that has taken place.

Electronics for you magazine delivery

Usually Electronics for You magazine is mailed by the publisher in the first week of the month to the subscribers of the magazine and is usually delivered to them befor the fifteenth of the month in most parts of India.

However in december 2015, till 18 december 2015, no copy of the magazine was delivered to a single woman engineer who has been defamed without proof, cheated, exploited and tortured by CBI, NTRO, R&AW,other security and intelligence agency officials for more than 5 years . There either appears to be a postal delay or someone may have diverted, stolen the copy of the magazine, usually the local intelligence or security agency officials involved in a major impersonation fraud on the engineer.

If any other subscribers of the magazine are facing a similar problem,especially those with a Paypal account please revert or share your experience

Courier details not available on website

Though some sellers provide a courier reference number to their customers, the details of the item are not easily available on the website.
It appears that the items are actually received by the courier company some time after the reference number has been generated, as no information can be obtained from the courier website.
The courier company should specify or send an alert that the item has been despatched for delivery so that the recipient can arrange to be present then, as they may have a busy schedule or work elsewhere

A website like 호박알바 will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

Despite using a courier, magazine copies are not delivered

It appears that delivery of magazines is a major problem in small towns like Panaji, though the magazine may hire the services of a courier company, The magazine will usually pay a premium to the courier company compared to postal services, yet the delivery record will be worse. For example a domain investor had subscribed to Femina for checking the ads for content and reference. Initially the courier service would at least leave an intimation for the domain investor so that she could collect the copy from the courier company office, if she was not at home.
After some time, the courier company did not even leave an intimation that they had tried to deliver the magazine. Fortunately the Times of India office was in close proximity, so the domain investor could collect the missing copies of Femina from the office. It was extremely inconvenient both for the domain investor and the Times of India staff (who are very helpful) to remove the copies of the magazine and give them to the subscriber personally.
So though people in small towns want to subscribe to magazines, the rampant delivery problems make it a waste of time and money to subscribe to any magazine

Missing magazine copies reduce subscription to a magazine

Checking the india today website , it was observed that Money Today magazine was no longer available from the india today group. It appears that money today has joined the long list of magazines which have shut down in the last few years, the biggest loss being Chip magazine which had very good CDs and software available with it. If the magazines do not take up the missing issue problem with their delivery channel, they could be the greatest loser.
A subscriber who finds that magazines copies are missing every month, will get tired of writing to customer support to resend the missing copy of the magazine, and prefer to stop the subscription instead.
If the magazine is available for free in the local library why should the subscriber pay thousands of rupees for a magazine which is not delivered to him or her.
Hence the magazines should closely monitor the postal or courier system they are using to ensure that the copies are delivered in time.

India today, Readers digest copies not delivered

The obc domain investor who finds copies of the India today magazine missing often, usually at least one copy a month missing in goa, enquired with the postman regarding the missing issues of the magazine. The postman said that he was delivering all copies of the magazine which he received on time, however it was observed that copies of india today and readers digest were often missing for many of the subscribers of these magazines, who would then complain to him.
Copies of niche magazines and business magazines are less likely to be stolen or missing.
So general interest magazines appear to be more likely to be stolen by someone who knows the postal system very well. Is the theft intentional?

Another India today issue missing

R&AW, ntro, cbi and/or other officials in panaji, goa are intercepting, diverting and stealing the correspondence of a harmless single woman engineer after making completely fake black money, security threat and money laundering allegations without any proof at all, for more than 5 years. It appears that they are making the false allegations only to steal the correspondence, especially the magazines to which the obc engineer has subscribed to, so that she faces losses and wastes time.
The latest stolen/missing issue of india today was dated November 16, 2015, though later issues dated November 30, 2015 were delivered. This has happened repeatedly for the last few years, and the dCan the R&AW, ntro, cbi officials openly explain what national security issue is involved in stealing india today copies repeatedly. If the agents of the intelligence agencies in panaji, goa are extremely dishonest, greedy and, will steal magazines and cannot be relied on, then these intelligence agency officials should not give these fraud agents great powers allowing them to intercept and keep correspondence of a harmless civilian.

In other parts of india also correspondence is monitored, however the intelligence agency officials are more honest and will usually ensure that the magazine subscriber will get the magazines they are paying their hard earned money for.