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Failed Amazon delivery due to google, tata, ntro, goan government financial, identity theft racket

Bribed by google, tata to defame, cheat and exploit the google competitor to destroy her life , ntro employees refuse to acknowledge the fact that is alone is spending her time and money on computer hardware and related products, these shameless ntro employees , goan government falsely claims that google, tata sponsored goan prostitutes, cheater housewives, school dropouts and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money and time online , are online experts, domain investor, spending money on computers, printers and related products when actually these google, tata sponsored frauds especially in panaji, do not spend any money online

The section 420 fraud google, tata employees have been so successful in their goan PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, FINANCIAL FRAUD, that almost everyone blindly believes in goa their complete lies especially the extremely corrupt security agency employees, who falsely claim that goan prostitutes, school dropouts and other frauds are online experts, domain investors causing problems for others like the Amazon delivery service which relies on government employees

So when the google competitor placed an order for a Gocolor inkjet refill kit, the amazon delivery people blindly believed in the lies of the fraud google, tata =, ntro employees who falsely claimed that the order was placed by google, tata sponsored fraud school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons , who looks like actress sneha wagh, goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina who looks like actress mallika sherawat, when these greedy fraud raw/cbi employees had not placed any order and will not pay the associated credit card bill.

For the other items, the order was delivered on weekdays, as the google competitor does not visit her mailing address on sundays due to travel or other reasons. However because of the NTRO, google, tata fraud of falsely claiming that the gocolor refill kit order was placed by the greedy lazy fraud raw/cbi employees , the Amazon delivery person tried to deliver the item on Sunday late in the evening, as the fraud raw/cbi employees are at home on Sunday.

Naturally these google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees impersonating the google competitor, will not accept the google competitors order, as it is will expose their fraud, so the Amazon delivery attempted on 29 July 2018 failed . It is time that R&AW/cbi are honest that they have hired their employees only because they have powerful friends, lovers, relatives, sugar daddies and not because they are online experts, domain investors, working on computers or experienced engineers, because many businesses are affected due to the lies

Navhind times supplement missing

The google competitor is repeatedly harassed by the local intelligence and security agencies in panaji, goa to cover up their identity theft racket, real estate fraud.
After upturning the containers for collecting the rain water earlier, on 14 July 2018 , the google competitor found that the supplement of Navhind times which is delivered to her house in panaji, goa, daily was missing.

Either the newspaper delivery person had missed out on delivering the supplement, or some local intelligence and security agency employee had intentionally stolen the supplement from the newspaper to harass the google competitor

Amazon rescheduling delivery repeatedly without a valid reason

As part of the google,tata masterminded goan PROSTITUTION, BRIBERY RACKET, the shameless liar cheater intelligence and security agency employees in goa are falsely claiming that the google,tataa supplied goan bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan who offers sex services to government employees, gujju school dropout housewife naina, mother of two sons, who bribes them and other fraud raw/cbi employees, who have not paid any money, own the house of the google competitor to give the prostitutes and frauds a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the domain investor
The domain investor is not at her mailing address on sunday unless specified as she spends time with relatives due to the google,tata masterminded identity theft fraud since 2010.
Initially amazon had scheduled the delivery for 27 June 2018, then they changed it to 25 June 2018, and now they have changed the delivery date unilaterally to 24 June 2018, and have not even informed the google competitor in advance
This causes great problems for the google competitor as she has to change her schedule repeatedly, as she is not at her mailing address most of the time due to personal and professional reasons, so Amazon should inform about the delivery date at least one day in advance.

Times of India newspaper not delivered or stolen in panaji, goa

In an indication of the harassment, the Times of India newspaper is not delivered to or stolen from a senior citizen repeatedly
On May 21, 2018, it was not delivered or stolen from to the home in Panaji, Goa
Again on June 5, 2018 , the newspaper was not delivered or stolen from the home again
Anyone else facing a similar problem please contact

Amazon delivery of packaging material delayed

The domain investor had placed an order for some packaging online at Amazon more than a week ago, as she was tired of being cheated, defamed and exploited in the indian internet sector, which treats women domain investors worse than convicted murderers, blocking almost all their orders and payment, to force the domain investor to officially agree to identity theft.

The packaging was scheduled to be delivered on second June, 2018, according to the online data available. The domain investor spent a lot of time on saturday waiting for the packaging to be delivered, however it was not delivered.

Now it appears that the packaging material will be delivered between June 3 and June 7 2018, The records show that the packaging has already reached the Amazon facility in south goa on June 1, 2018, so it would be interesting to find out the official reason, why they are delaying the delivery of the package.

Missing Week copy immediately delivered after posting on blog

One of the main reasons why the domain investor is posting on the blogs is that she has a proper record of all the harassment, atrocities and other problems caused by the intelligence and security agencies, especially in panaji, goa
So when she posted that the Week, may 13, 2018 issue was missinng, immediately on the same day, May 24, 2018, the missing copy was delivered to her home.
The May 27, 2018 issue of the Week had been delivered on time, only the May 13, 2018 issue was missing
So clearly the Week issue was intentionally delayed or held back.
If the domain investor had not complained online, the missing copy would never be delivered.

Week magazine 13 May issue not delivered in panaji, goa

Though they have not found any evidence against the google competitor, domain investor, engineer in 8 years since they started their surveillance after making fake allegations in 2010, the raw/cbi/security agency employees continue to steal the correspondence of the google competitor in panaji, goa to hold her a virtual prisoner.

While it is not possible to find which other correspondence they have stolen, these government employees are also stealing magazines which the domain investor has subscribed to. For example the Week, 13 May 2018 issue is missing, it was probably stolen

The issue was covering the restaurants in India, and it shows the extent of the harassment faced by the google competitor, domain investor in panaji, goa


Foods and juices are fairly expensive

In a clear case of misplaced priorities cbi, ntro, raw, security agencies are hounding a google competitor, engineer for withdrawing cash for the last 8 years since 2010, when actually eating food, drinking juices is fairly expensive.
For example in Mumbai,in April 2018, in some restaurants, just a plate of pulao cost Rs 147, and a juice cost Rs 84
So the daily food bill, eating food, juices was rs 500 or more , the cost of travel and other items is additional
In goa the google competitor cannot eat out more, because of the high risk of food poisoning , however Rs 10000 a month is barely enough for food, especially if the person is eating expensive fruits which cost Rs 180 a kg

Looking for inexpensive suppliers of glue traps for mice

Glue traps are the safest way of catching mice as there is no risk of accidental poisoning or other problems, However most of the glue traps available in the market are expensive, with prices starting from Rs 45 for the cheapest glue trap available in panaji, goa in 2018. The glue trap is marketed by PCI and is manufactured by glue traps india pvt ltd.
Looking for a supplier of glue traps in bulk as there are many rats and mice in panaji, goa, who are making it difficult to sleep at night, in addition to causing a lot of problems like eating food

Online advertising revenues tightly controlled

study at universidad politecnica salesiana

It is increasingly clear that online advertising revenues in 2018 are tightly controlled, and only a select few websites are allowed to make a profit from advertising. Most websites are making a loss, so registering and renewing domain names is a very loss making business.
How much a website owner will try to increase the traffic to a website, increase link sales, the intelligence and security agencies led by ntro employee j srinivasan, who are involved in a sex, bribery racket will ensure that the revenues will remain static.
Many advertising networks have 100+ websites added, yet they are not selling only 1 ad or less
If the same effort and time is spent writing articles for others or doing other work, there is more profit to be made, without spending any money on domains, webhosting, and ensuring that maintenance is carried out, so that the websites are always available.