For ROBBING correspondence of goa 1989 jee topper, google,tata,FRAUD indian internet companies get cbi salary for panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro

google,tata,FRAUD indian internet companies are aware that panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST greedy gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro who looks like actress kangana ranaut is only COOKing, CLEANING for her husband crooked caro in her home in panaji, goa does no computer work at all, does not invest money in domains at all. The greedy goan cbi employee ruthless riddhi nayak caro has also not studied engineering, has any savings of her own
Yet for For ROBBING correspondence of goa 1989 jee topper, a google competitor, causing great losses, isolating her completely without a legally valid reason, google,tata,FRAUD indian internet companies making FAKE CLAIMS about their shameless fraud greedy goan robber riddhi nayak caro with no online income and no online investment, get cbi salary for panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro at the expense of goa 1989 jee topper

Bank details, income tax returns will legally prove that google,tata,FRAUD indian internet, tech companies making FAKE CLAIMS about panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro, yet panaji’s top fraud housewife robber riddhi continues to ROB the correspondence of goa 1989 jee topper to get the ruthlesss greedy robber riddhi great powers, monthly government salary at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper

This policy of making FAKE CLAIMS about cbi employee EXTORTIONIST GREEDY goan gsb housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro shows that top indian tech, internet companies, google, tata are frauds, LIARS who should not be trusted getting cbi jobs for cleaning, cooking , robber housewives like riddhi nayak caro, to BRIBE their powerful relatives like husband crooked caro, fraud father nayak working in security agencies

Indian internet sector ROBBING CORRESPONDENCE for 10 years claiming that they are worried about honesty, yet refuse to explain FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD on domain investor

Can the indian internet sector, google, tata explain why greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees have not purchased domains for 7 years
DISHONEST Google, tata, LIAR indian internet companies have got raw/cbi jobs for SHAMELESS greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees, FALSELY CLAIMING that they are domain investors, online experts when the FRAUD GREEDY indian internet companies, google, tata are aware that all these frauds, especially asmita patel are not spending any money on domains, though they made promises that they will purchase the domains
Google, tata, LIAR FRAUD indian internet companies are claiming that they are very worried about honesty and have hounded the real domain investor for 10 years, ROBBING her correspondence, denying her fundamental rights
These fraud LIAR FRAUD indian internet companies,google, tata are also aware that ntro/raw employees are not connected with the single woman domain investor in any way, they do not pay for domains, do any work , and have no right to MISUSE her name
Yet these shameless FRAUD indian internet and tech companies, google fail to explain why greedy gujju stock broker asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees have not purchased domains for 7 year, yet want to falsely claim that they are domain investors and get monthly government salaries, behaving worse than nigerian fraudsters in their fraud on the real domain investor

Different courier charges in bengaluru and panaji

The domain investor sent couriers to bengaluru, one courier charged Rs 50, and the other is charging Rs 80
On the other hand, for sending from bengaluru to panaji, a senior citizen was charged Rs 100
It would be interesting to find why the charges on the same route are different for the same courier company.
The postal department is charging far less for the delivery.

Benefiting from a New Investment Opportunity

When I first started investing, I wanted to do something simple, like investing in a food company or a computer company, but a friend of mine who had been getting AIM share tips told me that I would be better off investing in mining companies. I didn’t know that you could even do that, but my friend seemed to know a lot about it, and was making a good amount from it, so I took his advice, and it really paid off for me. The little bit that I started with turned into a good amount, and I was able to reinvest that and make even more money.

I’ve been trying to get my mother to start investing, but she doesn’t want to do it. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t like to do anything if it seems to hard. She doesn’t like to use the computer because she always gets confused when she’s doing something as simple as checking her email. She hates using the smartphone because of how hard it is for her to use the touch screen. When I told her that I had made a lot of money from investing in mining, she didn’t understand that either, and didn’t want to bother with it. My father on the other hand, wanted in on the action.

I helped my father get started by showing him exactly what my friend showed me when I was first starting with investing. He quickly figured out how to get the best results from his investment and put more money in than I did starting out. He’s much more of a risk taker than I am, and will often do things that seem as if they won’t work, but somehow they always pay off for him. When he saw his investment returns, he jumped for joy.

Endless correspondence robbery of raw/cbi employees like ruthless robber riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar make goa one of the worst places to do business in India

Other than complain online, there is no way indian citizens can do anything about the correspondence robbery of raw/cbi employees without a legally valid reason, making goa one of the worst places to do business in the world

The goan mainstream media only carries the reports from other publications, yet it does not have the honesty and humanity to analyze the reason why it is difficult to do business in goa, the ruthless robber officials like pritesh chodankar, naik, caro, nayak,mandrekar who are allowed to run amok defaming, cheating, robbing and humiliating the real business owner, and falsely claiming that their call girl, robber relatives who never want to do any work, acquire any kind of skills, take any kind of risk, own the business of a private citizen
In the indian internet sector, due to PIMP LIAR FRAUD google, tata employees and section 420 fraud ntro employees this racket, BANKING FRAUD has continued for more than 9 years with the correspondence of the domain investor being ROBBED by the raw/cbi employee ruthless ROBBERS riddhi nayak caro who looks like solange, kangana ranaut, daughter and wife of top security agency employee, goan bhandari call girl, sunaina chodan,goan gsb call girl siddhi mandrekar who are falsely claiming to own this domain and other domains without spending any money, to get a monthly salary

When the domain investor was in Mumbai, her correspondence was not robbed, and she had a large number of customers in India for her leads which was similar to google adwords in some ways. Only in goa since 2010, almost all her correspondence is robbed since google, tata have bribed the top officials like pritesh chodankar, naik, caro, nayak,mandrekar with raw/cbi jobs for their lazy greedy inexperienced relatives with the stolen identity of the domain investor

The email correspondence of the domain investor is also being robbed by the associates of another of google, tata sponsored fraud raw/cbi employees shivalli brahmin nayanshree hathwar, panaji SCHOOL DROPOUT SEX SERVICE PROVIDER gujju housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, making it extremely difficult to get any leads and orders, clear indicating that there is no one to help business owners. The details of the report in goan media, one of the largest newspapers in goa, is provided below confirming that goa is one of the worst places in India to do business
The CRISIL-SIDBI survey published in the June edition of ‘Market Pulse’, a monthly publication of the SIDBI, has also ranked states in business lending to individual units, in which too Goa has slipped to a lower position from 14th place in 2015-16 to 22nd position in 2018-19.

So instead of questioning the patriotism of the domain investor for complaining about the atrocities of government employees and falsely labelling her a security thereat kindly note the domain investor, is only providing accurate information about the real business conditions in goa. Only in goa, the government is allowing ruthless robbers like riddhi nayak caro, daughter and wife of top security agency employees, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar to rob almost all the correspondence of small business owners, without a legally valid reason so that these raw/cbi employees run a lucrative extortion racket, make it difficult to do business in goa

Can the government explain why raw/cbi employees riddhi, siddhi and sunaina are not stealing the correspondence of other domain investors for 9 years

The TCS code robbery case in the united states for which it is facing a lawsuit, is a reflection of the widespread robbery, crime, finacial fraud in the indian tech and it sector with the indian government falsely claiming that sex worker, cheater housewife, document robber, school dropout and other fraud raw/cbi employees have the resume, savings, own the domains, websites of a private citizen, to pay all these frauds a monthly government salary

There are thousands of domain investors in India, many of them own more domains than the domain investor owning this website. None of these domain investors are facing the problem of their correspondence being stolen by raw/cbi employees for more than 9 years. Other than the domains which are listed for sale, the domain investor is just a harmless private citizen.

In 2010-2011, to criminally defame the engineer the ntro employees had their associates make fake allegations against the engineer,domain investor who they hated, without any proof, yet they are just allegations, they cannot be used to legally steal the correspondence of the engineer. In a clear indication that the ntro employees and their associates are LIARS, NTRO employees have refused to provide any information about the allegations to the engineer who they cheated

yet since 2010, almost all her correspondence is being diverted and stolen by the google sponsored raw/cbi employees riddhi nayak who looks like actress kangana ranaut, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, without a legally valid reason, causing great losses to her, affecting the domain investor personally and professionally. these raw/cbi employees are using the stolen correspondence to run a very lucrative extortion racket.

India officially claims that all citizens are equal, so why is the correspondence of a harmless single woman engineer ROBBED by robber raw/cbi employees like sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, riddhi nayak for more than 9 years without a legally valid reason, when raw/cbi do not ROB CORRESPONDENCE of other engineers and domain investors without a legally valid reason

Fraud raw/cbi employees sunaina, naina, misguiding courier companies in panaji, goa, so that books for review are not delivered

The google, tata masterminded identity theft racket on a single woman engineer, domain investor, in panaji, goa involves ensuring that no one in india is in contact with her. Many people want to send books for review, however due to fake relocation stories of google, tata employees and their stooges, the books are not being delivered in panaji, goa

So the shameless section 420 fraud google, tata employees are ruthless in making up fake stories that the domain investor has relocated, though the engineer is visiting her home almost daily when she is in Goa
All the courier companies are falsely told by the google, tata sponsored frauds like goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina, gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina , that the engineer has relocated, so that they do not try to contact the engineer on phone, or leave an intimation in panaji, goa. These fraud raw/cbi employees are aware of the fact that the engineer is visiting at least once a day, yet being pathological shameless liars, they are misleading the courier companies. The domain investor has noticed the gujju fraud observing her everytime she is entering and leaving the housedd

In all other states, the courier will at least contact on phone, the domain investor gets almost no phone call daily, so it is very unlikely that her phone is engaged.This clearly shows how ruthless the google, tata employees are in ensuring that their sex, bribery racket in panaji, goa is not exposed

Expressbees delivery delayed as part of google, tata black money, sex, bribery racket,online fraud

Fake allegations of black money without any evidence at all, have been used by google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi to defame, cheat and exploit hardworking indian paypal account holders, get lucrative raw/cbi jobs for goan call girls, document robbers, school dropouts, cheater housewives and other frauds in a sex, bribery racket, banking,online fraud since 2010

However most people do not realize that google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi are using an extremely flawed system for measuring black money
They are monitoring the paypal account holder to check if the person is spending cash daily and using it to make fake black money allegations
However they fail to realize that on some days, the person is too busy to go out shopping especially if there are no good shops located in the area where the person is living or going
So when the person is going to the main market area where a lot of shops are located, the paypal account holder may spend Rs 1800- Rs 3000 in a single day, while on other days, the person may stay at home and not spend any money. Unlike the 10 google, tata sponsored SEX worker, fraud raw/cbi employees who get a government salary without doing any work, for falsely claiming to own the paypal account, the paypal account holder is only paid when she does work, so she cannot go out everyday for shopping

However the fraud pathological liar raw/cbi/ntro/google, tata employees are only listing the days when no money or less money is spent to make fake black money allegations, they are not listing the days when the paypal account holder is spending Rs 3000 cash in a day. Most people have a similar spending pattern, they do not go out shopping every day , especially for high value items.

Rs 10000- Rs 12000 cash withdrawn in a month is a very small amount, if the paypal account holder is spending Rs 1800 in a day, the money will be spent in 7-8 days when the person goes to the main shopping area, yet the shameless pimp liar tata employees continue to make fake black money allegations to pamper, reward lazy greedy goan prostitutes, frauds, school dropouts, cheater raw/cbi employees

To ensure that the domain investor could not go shopping for 7 days, google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi intentionally delayed the expressbees delivery for the nurserylive order. The consignment had reached panaji on 16-17 November, 2018, however it was delivered only on 22 November 2018 because google, tata , did not want the domain investor, paypal account holder to go shopping in panaji, so that they could continue with their fake black money allegations. The paypal account holder was waiting in her home for 6 days waiting for the expressbees delivery.