Even credit card sent by speed post not delivered

Though economic times has highlighted resume fraud, impersonation in https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/jobs/hiring-fraud-the-talented-mr-ripleys-plaguing-india-inc/articleshow/88484504.cms anyone complaining about it is falsely labelled a security threat.
The person complaining is also subjected to harassment, for example a credit card sent by speed post was not delivered in december 2021, the postman did not even bother to contact, because large companies and government agencies are supporting the impersonators or leave a message.

Different courier charges in bengaluru and panaji

The domain investor sent couriers to bengaluru, one courier charged Rs 50, and the other is charging Rs 80
On the other hand, for sending from bengaluru to panaji, a senior citizen was charged Rs 100
It would be interesting to find why the charges on the same route are different for the same courier company.
The postal department is charging far less for the delivery.

Postal and courier services for you

Though advances in technology have made it easy to communicate at a low cost using email, sms these methods are becoming increasingly unreliable as there is no accountability and technical intelligence agencies like NTRO, NSA are diverting and stealing the correspondence of targeted individuals, often for personal gain. Hence postal and courier services will continue to flourish, for people who wish to ensure that their mail will reach the intended recipient, for sending physical items like electronics, garments , seeds and other items over long distances.
Though intelligence agencies have tried to implement interception of postal mail, the method has not been very succesful, and the victim will be aware of the theft of the correspondence.
Regular updates on postal mail and systems, courier services.

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