Diverting correspondence of single woman engineer to greedy goan raw employee scammer sugar baby siddhi mandrekar is human rights abuses

The domain investor lived in a metro city since 1989 often alone, and she was not labelled a security threat at all till 2010 when she started making more money clearly indicating that the security threat allegations were mainly to extort money.
The great extortion racket continued in goa, with greedy goan officials mandrekar, cheater caro, nayak, pritesh chodankar and others making fake allegations without any proof at all, so that their lazy greedy relatives could rob all the correspondence of the single woman to run an extortion racket, isolate her, and steal her resume to get government jobs, great powers
In india, almost all citizens receive their correspondence, it is not diverted to the greedy goan extortionist raw/cbi employees to run an extortion racket, only the correspondence of the single woman engineer is being diverted and stolen since 2010, without a legally valid reason, isolating her to continue with resume theft, causing her great financial losses
When the single woman engineer is protesting, the resume theft racket supporters are claiming that no human rights abuses are committed, yet stealing the correspondence of a harmless private citizen for 12 years is a clear case of human rights abuses.