Theft of correspondence of google competitor

Google employees may not be intercepting emails and other correspondence of the domain investor in panaji, goa, however allegedly google associates and contractors may be doing so as part of the google job, money bribery deal to isolate and destroy the life of the google competitor since 2010.
For example it is well known that in panaji, goa, some well connected inexperienced young women like goan gsb frauds 2012 diploma holder siddhi mandrekar , housewife riddhi nayak, sunaina and others have got R&AW/CBI jobs only for committing corporate espionage, defaming, exploiting the google competitor, falsely claiming that these women have the impressive resume, investment of the domain investor, google competitor who had a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai,
In panaji, goa the google competitor is held a virtual prisoner, her emails, smses, postal, phone calls and courier mail diverted to these goan fraud intelligence, security agency employees who are operating an extortion racket, stealing whatever correspondence they wish. Local politicians are saying that it is a central government issue and only a central minister can resolve the issue of diversion of correspondence and other problems of the google competitor, a harmless private citizen.
A blue dart employee told the google competitor that the intimation slips which they are leaving at the house of the google competitor are being stolen, so that she does not receive most correspondence. Even books sent for review are often not delivered in panaji, goa. There is no way an indian citizen can end the theft of their correspondence by corrupt R&AW/CBI employees out of hatred and greed

The google associates are also closely monitoring the domain investor, google competitor online and misguiding most of the potential domain buyers she is contacting on namepros and elsewhere with their false defamatory stories, making it difficult to get a fair price. So it is better to sell the domains at the namecheap, dynadot marketplace directly as the domain investor is often getting twice the price on namepros at these marketplaces and she is not directly involved .

Book couriered delivered to another address

The google competitor had won a book in a goodreads giveaway, however the book was not delivered in August/September 2017 and the intimation was also stolen. The sender asked for an alternate address in panaji, goa where the book could be delivered and the google competitor provided the same.

However when the sender resent the book , instead of delivering at the alternate address, the courier has delivered the book at the original address on November 1, 2017.This clearly indicates that someone very powerful in panaji, is closely monitoring all the correspondence that is to be delivered in the name of the google competitor and is telling the courier companies to deliver the book or other correspondence.

The google competitor is a harmless private citizen, why is the indian/goan government monitoring all her correspondence which consists mainly of books for review, magazines.

Times of India not delivered to senior citizens house

In a clear indication of how ruthlessly a google competitor is being harassed, Times of india , goa edition was not delivered to the house of a senior citizen associated with the google competitor on November 1, 2017 . Though there is a possibility that the newspaper was stolen, it is most likely that the newspaper vendor was told not to deliver the paper.
When the newspaper is not delivered it becomes very inconvenient, as the senior citizen does not use the internet, and relies on the newspaper for getting a daily update. A lot of time is wasted to check whether the newspaper is being delivered.
Already all the english channels on television are blocked using the set top box by ntro